At the Survivorship Summit in 2019, patient partner Nicole Keay proposed the idea of a podcast to share the stories of gynecological cancer patients and the work of researchers behind the scenes. With the support of the GCI’s Research Coordinator, Stephanie Lam, the first episode of the Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub (GOSH) podcast was released in October 2020. Since then, the GOSH podcast has recorded 17 episodes and featured 8 guests, including both patient partners and key researchers in gynecologic oncology. The episodes covered a diverse range of topics, such as opportunistic salpingectomy, aspects of survivorship and patient-oriented research.  

“I hoped to bring patient stories to the forefront and connect people through that.”

Nicole Keay 

On the final episode of Season 1, Nicole shared how she wants to continue bringing patient stories to the forefront as a way to connect to listeners, especially to gynecologic cancer survivors. “In hearing other stories, you know, even if they’re not the same as yours, there’s just a shared understanding that you have…having gone through that cancer journey,” says Nicole. In just one season, the podcast has created a space for healing and community for patients to feel connected while also learning about gynecologic cancer research directly from those taking the lead. 

“We can get really into the work that we do, and it can be removed sometimes, so it was a really amazing opportunity for researchers to be exposed and to understand the patient journey a little bit more.”  

– Stephanie Lam

From the research perspective, Stephanie shared how the podcast allows for researchers to understand the true patient experience and make connections with their research work. By hearing patient stories, the impact of their research can be greater understood and can encourage them to center the patient-perspective in all the work they do. 

After working through the initial road bumps podcast production, Stephanie and Nicole are excited for Season 2 of the GOSH Podcast, launching in September 2021! They look forward to partnering with other podcasts focused on health research, sharing more patient stories and creating a platform for research knowledge translation in the upcoming season.