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Opportunistic Salpingectomy for Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Opportunistic Salpingectomy (OS) is acknowledged as one of the only methods for ovarian cancer prevention. To learn more about this procedure and its revolutionary impact on ovarian cancer prevention, check out our “Ovarian Cancer Prevention” Research Page or explore the resources below.

GOSH Podcast: OS as a Method for Ovarian Cancer Prevention
Beyond the Stories: Ovarian Cancer Prevention
GCI Research Rounds: OS During Caesarean Section
New York Times Article on Fallopian Tube Removal for Cancer Prevention
White Coat, Black Arts Podcast: Opportunistic Salpingectomy

Precision Treatment for Endometrial Cancer

Developed by GCI Researchers in 2015, ProMisE is a molecular classification and risk stratification tool for endometrial cancer. To learn more about this valuable new tool that is changing how we care for endometrial cancer, check out our “ProMisE” Research Page or explore the resources below.

VGH Grand Rounds: Molecular Classification
Beyond the Stories: ProMisE/ Molecular Classification
GCI Research Rounds: The Continuing Evolution of Molecular Classification
Imagia Canexia: Q&A with Dr. Amy Jamieson and Dr. Jessica McAlpine

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