Season 3 of the Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub (GOSH) Podcast has concluded, leaving behind a collection of 10 impactful episodes that spotlighted gynecologic cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, researchers, and clinicians.

Here are the highlights:

  • Caregiver Insights: This season shed light on the often-overlooked role of caregivers, sharing their challenges and triumphs.
  • Facing Cancer in Your 20s: Inspirational story of young individual battling gynecologic cancer showcased resilience.
  • Addressing Sexual Health: Season 3 explored the intimate topic of sexual health during survivorship phase, offering strategies, tools and resources for patients.
  • Collaboration with Ovarian Cancer Canada: GOSH Podcast joined forces with Ovarian Cancer Canada, strengthening patient initiatives and research empowerment.
  • Fertility Challenges and Hope: An emotional episode navigated the journey of cervical cancer survivors dealing with fertility struggles.

With gratitude, GOSH Podcast would like to thank its guests, listeners, and collaborators for their involvement this season. Season 4 is set to launch in September 2023, promising more enriching conversations and insights.

While awaiting the new season, you can catch up on all the Season 3 episodes linked below. This season brought awareness, understanding, and unity to the gynecologic oncology community, leaving a lasting impact.

Siv Klausen, Nancy Cleveland, Stephanie Lam, and Nicole Keay

Episode 1: Your Journey with Gynecologic Cancer

Helen Epstein

Episode 2: Navigating Endometrial Cancer During COVID-19 Pandemic

Patrick Mehr

Episode 3: How does a cancer diagnosis impact the people you love?

Lexi Mestas

Episode 4: Navigating a Rare Type of Cancer in Your 20s

Dr. Melanie Atlas

Episode 5: Tools and Resources on Sexual Health at Gynecologic Cancer Survivorship Phase

Dr. Farhia Kabeer

Episode 6: How do Researchers Study Chemotherapy Resistance?

Donna Peppin

Episode 7: OCC Series – Resilience and Wellness. Navigating Ovarian Cancer with Knowledge and Advocacy

Dr. Alicia Tone

Episode 8: OCC Series – Empowering Ovarian Cancer Research through Innovation, Collaboration and Patient Involvement

Stephanie Gosselin and Starla Fiddler

Episode 9: OCC Series – Building Community and Empowering Patients: Patient Initiatives and Resources

Nicole Keay

Episode 10: Navigating Fertility as a Cervical Cancer Survivor: A Journey of Loss and Hope