Gynecologic cancer refers to the abnormal growth of cells within the female reproductive tract. The cancers encompassed under the term gynecologic cancers include ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and uterine cancer. 

Gynecologic cancers have long been stigmatized due to false stereotypes and idealizations rooted in the organ system the disease manifests in. For far too long, the stigma has negatively impacted those with the disease. Thus, with this September being Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI) and our patient partners are proud to take a stance against the stigma surrounding female reproductive health and disease. 

The GCI was launched in 2019 to accelerate transformative research on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of gynecologic cancer. As a BC-based network of gynecologic cancer researchers and patient partners, we aim to reduce the incidence, suffering, and mortality rates of gynecologic cancers by 50% by 2034. We have also made it our mission to raise awareness for gynecologic cancers by shedding light on the stories of our patients and providers. 

Ways to Engage This Month

By staying educated and informed about gynecologic cancers, you can make a difference in your life or that of another. For those of you new to the gynecologic cancer space, check out our latest article What You Should Know About Gynecologic Cancers. You can also stay tuned for our upcoming posts highlighting patient stories and advocacy tips for those hoping to become an active supporter of gynecologic cancer patients and research. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to join us as we celebrate Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month as a time of education, advocacy, and conversation. You can participate in GCAM by engaging with our posts. Don’t forget to share our resources to help to raise awareness about the disease with the greater community. 

We invite you to show your support for gynecologic cancer research and those battling the disease by participating in our #ColoursForChange collages. Take a photo of you wearing one of the gynecologic cancer colors listed below and send it to or tag us on our social media @GCI_Cluster (Twitter) and @gynecancerinitiative (Instagram).   

If you would like to participate, please wear one of the gynecologic cancer colors in your photo:   

  • Wear purple to represent all gyne cancers   
  • Wear teal and white for cervical cancer  
  • Wear teal for ovarian cancer  
  • Wear salmon pink for uterine/endometrial cancer  
  • Wear light purple for vaginal and vulvar cancer 

The Gynecologic Cancer Initiative would not be possible if it were not for our researchers, clinicians, patient partners, and YOU! It is through the collaboration and support of our team and the greater community that the GCI can make such strides in gynecologic cancer research and care. Together, we will change the narrative of gynecologic cancer for many patients and families to come.