Gynecologic Cancer Month has been yet another wonderful success. Throughout the month, we raised awareness for gynecologic cancers by amplifying patients’ voices and celebrating those who have made/are making a major impact in gynecologic research and care.  

Launching Gynecologic Cancers: Your Journey 

First and foremost, the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI) has joined hands with BC Cancer to create Gynecologic Cancers: Your Journey, a patient-informed guide made with the intent to empower and support individuals with gynecologic cancers at various stages in their cancer journey. Patient voices were integral in this project as their input and experiences help us create patient-informed initiatives to ensure efficient and tailored care.  

Earlier in the month, we launched the first episode of Season 3 of our GOSH Podcast titled “Your Journey with Gynecologic Cancer.” This episode featured insightful discussions with Nancy Cleveland and Siv Klausen, two GCI Patient Partners who contributed to the making of the patient journey map. 

We are deeply grateful to the patients, providers, and researchers from BC Cancer and the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative for making this patient resource guide possible. This guide is merely one of the many efforts we will make toward optimizing gynecologic cancer patient care in collaboration with patients and the various healthcare teams involved. 

Raising Awareness Through Writing 

The GCI also launched several blog articles throughout the month of September. We were especially honored to have had the chance to publish the words and writings of two of our wonderful GCI Patient Partners, Siv Klausen and Nancy Cleveland. You can view all our GCAM 2022 blog articles below: 

Through “Talking About Cancer: A Patient Experience” we also announced the official launch date for our upcoming GCI Knowledge Translation Blog. The GCI Knowledge Translation Blog is one of our many efforts to improve knowledge translation of gynecologic cancer research in British Columbia. These blog posts will be written by GCI trainees and reviewed by GCI staff and patient partners. We will be launching the GCI Knowledge Translation Blog on January 3rd, 2022 to improve the accessibility of gynecologic cancer knowledge and allow for greater prevention and awareness. 

Bridging the Gap Between Patient Care and Transformative Research 

As you may know, the GCI supports several amazing research teams that are dedicated to bettering the lives of those with gynecologic cancers. What you may be less aware of, though, is the fact that all this work would not have been possible without the help, guidance, and contributions of gynecologic cancer patients and survivors. Aside from participating in our Patient and Family Advisory Council, tumor biopsies donated to the OVCARE Gynecologic Tissue Bank are used in research to better understand diseases, explore potential therapies, and more. Together with their experiences, gynecologic cancer patients and survivors play an integral role in the trajectory of treatment and care for those who may face the disease in the future. 

GCI Patient Partners, virtual and in-person, toured the Gynecologic Cancer division at BC Cancer Research Center

Last week, the GCI invited our Patient Partners to the BC Cancer Research Center for a tour of the promising research and lab work that has come out of their unwavering support and contributions. It was a wonderful opportunity for gynecologic cancer patients, survivors, and family members to witness and learn about ongoing projects in the gynecologic cancer space. All the staff, researchers, clinicians and trainees at the GCI are beyond grateful for our Patient Partners. 

A Promise to Continue Transformative Gynecologic Cancer Research 

Although Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end, we hope this does not mean the end of your support for gynecologic cancer patients, survivors, and research. We at the GCI are continuously working towards developing a better future for patients and we hope you will continue to support us along the way.