Congratulations to Dr. Lori Brotto and Dr. David Huntsman for being newly elected as fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. They recognize excellence in health sciences and fellows demonstrate, through their career and lives, that they are committed to their field of expertise in many ways.

Dr. Lori Brotto is internationally recognized as a leader in sexual health research. She has led teams to develop and establish effective
psychological interventions to improve sexual dysfunction and genital pain, which collectively affect up to a third of women. Her work has influenced practice around the world, with mindfulness
being implemented in sexual medicine centres and in international guidelines. In recognition of her contributions to the field, she is a Canada Research Chair in women’s sexual health and received the Researcher of the Year (2017) award from the Society for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Canada.

Dr. Huntsman is a pathologist and clinical molecular geneticist. Through a combination of genetic and pathology approaches, Dr.
Huntsman has redefined our understanding of ovarian and several rare cancers, including hereditary stomach cancer, leading to significant improvements in management. He proposed, developed, and promulgated the subtype-specific approach to ovarian cancer research, prevention, and treatment that is now the international standard. He discovered the key mutations in several ovarian cancer subtypes. His research has been published in prestigious journals, is highly cited, and is the basis of clinical innovations used in Canada and internationally.