The 2021/22 Season of the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative Research Rounds has recently come to an end. This past season was comprised of a total of 13 Research Rounds, each led by incredible researchers presenting their work on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of gynecologic cancers.  

GCI Research Rounds have been designed to provide a forum for researchers, trainees, and staff to learn about the wide range of gynecologic cancer research projects taking place across British Columbia and the world. We are incredibly grateful to all those who presented, attended, and participated in the 2021/22 season of GCI Research Rounds.  

The series has ended for the year but we will be back in September 2022.

Please stay tuned for more information about upcoming GCI Research Rounds. In the meantime, you can find links to all the recorded 2021/22 sessions below: 

Dr. Yvette Drew

Targeting the DNA damage response in gynaecological cancers beyond PARP inhibitors

Dr. Brad Nelson

Deciphering and re-engineering the immune response to gynecological cancers

Dr. Unjali Malhotra

Cultural safety in reproductive health and being an ally

Dr. Janice Kwon

Genetic testing initiatives in ovarian cancer

Dr. Hannah Nette

The value and impact of supportive cancer care

Dr. Lynn Hoang

Vulvar cancer: More than meets the eye

Dr. Sheona Mitchell-Foster

Is Worldview a Cervical Cancer Risk?: Challenging Settler Paradigms for Indigenous Health Research

Dr. Sabrina Piedimonte

Application of machine learning to predict recurrence in high grade endometrial cancer

Dr. Naveena Singh

The ELECTRA journey – The challenges of bringing molecular classification of endometrial carcinoma into routine diagnostic practice

Dr. Kristen Campbell

How to address frailty and low physical function in women with early stage and advanced cancers

Dr. Mark Carey

Therapeutic advancement and biomarker discovery in women’s cancers: Research models and strategies

Dr. Alison Brand

Development of a Clinical Quality Registry in Gynaecological Oncology: Lessons Learnt

For older Research Rounds from 2020/21, click here.