Dr. Andrew Roth is an Assistant Professor in the UBC Departments of Computer Science and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and a Scientist at BC Cancer. He is a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar and V Foundation Scholar. 

His research lies at the cross section of computational biology and cancer evolution. He has developed foundational methods for studying tumour evolution and clonal population structure using bulk and single cell sequencing which have been published in Nature Methods. His team works closely with collaborators at BC Cancer to apply novel methodology to study the evolution of breast cancer, ovarian cancers and follicular lymphoma. His collaborations with several members of the PPG have resolved the migrational patterns of malignant cells in high grade serous ovarian cancer (Nat Gen 2016) and elucidated the interplay between malignant and immune cell types in the disease (Cell 2018). 

His current research focuses on the development and application of new methods for integrating multiple single cell modalities. He has particular interest in applying single cell spatial omics approaches to study the architecture of tumours.