Amy Jamieson


Dr. Amy Jamieson is a recently qualified Gynecologic Oncologist at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer and Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She divides her time between clinical practice (50%) and translational research (50%). She was the first recipient of the Miller Mindell Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship with the University of British Columbia/Gynecologic Cancer Initiative, a fellowship designed to cultivate outstanding academic Gynecologic Oncologists. During this fellowship, her research projects focused on a subtype specific approach to endometrial and vulvar cancers supervised by Professors Jessica McAlpine and David Huntsman. 

Dr Jamieson’s research in endometrial cancer has highlighted the tremendous variation that exists in endometrial cancer management across Canada; from diagnosis, surgery, adjuvant treatment and surveillance. Her recent publication ‘Variation in practice in endometrial cancer and potential for improved care and equity through molecular classification’ won the editors choice award in Gynecologic Oncology. She has worked with the BC Provincial Gynecologic Tumour Group and Provincial Gynecologic Pathology lead to change to reflex p53 IHC testing on all endometrial cancers diagnosed in BC and has recently been awarded funding through BC Cancer for selective POLE testing (where patient treatment would be impacted). Implementation of these two tests, in addition to currently performed mismatch repair testing (IHC) will improve access to molecular classification for all patients with endometrial cancer in the province. Her work has also resulted in a change to the provincial Endometrial Cancer Adjuvant Therapy Guidelines.



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