September is annually recognized as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month.

Gynecologic cancers include ovarian, vaginal, vulvar, cervical, and uterine (endometrial) cancers. Together, gynecologic cancers account for nearly 40% of all cancer incidence and more than 30% of cancer mortality in women worldwide [1]. 

At the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI), we accelerate transformative research on the prevention, treatment, detection, and survivorship of gynecologic cancers. Through our multidisciplinary research projects, we strive to reduce the incidence, death, and suffering from gynecologic cancers by 50% by 2034. 

GCI Knowledge Translation for September 2023

Some exciting projects that have come out from the GCI Research Team include, but are not limited to:

  • Molecular Classification of Endometrial Cancer for Precision Medicine
  • Self-Collection for Screening and Prevention of Cervical Cancers
  • Opportunistic Salpingectomy for Ovarian Cancer Prevention
  • Identification and Molecular Stratification of High-Risk Precancerous Lesions for Vulvar Cancer Prevention

Aside from pioneering such revolutionary findings, the GCI is also proud to pioneer knowledge translation of research and patient stories through our Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub and GCI Research Rounds.

During the month of September the GCI was proud to announce another year of our Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub (GOSH) Podcast. Through this podcast, co-hosts Stephanie Lam and Nicole Keay foster an open space for real and evidence-based discussions around gynecologic cancers. The GOSH Podcast aims to highlight patient voices to raise awareness of their experiences as a gynecologic cancer patient and survivor. Additionally, we use the GOSH Podcast as an accessible outlet for informing the public about the groundbreaking research coming out the of GCI through interviews with our very own researchers, clinicians, and trainees. Overall, we are beyond grateful for the wonderful guest speakers and patient partners who have shared their stories on our podcast and contributed to making gynecologic cancer information more accessible to the public.

In the very first episode of Season 4 of the GOSH Podcast, we were joined by co-founders of the Down There Aware Podcast, Alex and Mary Massey. Together they share Alex’s journey navigating endometrial cancer and how her mother, Mary helped support her along the way. You can listen to Season 4 Episode 1: “Navigating Endometrial Cancer: A Mother-Daughter Perspective” below.

GCI Research Rounds also made their return this September. The GCI Research Rounds features monthly talks from researchers working on transformative research in the realm of the treatment, prevention, detection, and survivorship of gynecologic cancers. In this hybrid event, we provide a forum for researchers, staff and trainees to learn about the incredible research projects taking place across British Columbia.

To kick off the 2023-24 GCI Research Rounds series, we were joined by Kat Ngyuen, a Pharmacy Master’s Student under the supervision of Dr. Judy Wong. In her talk, Kat presented “Telomerase non-canonical function in DNA damage response in the context of high-grade serous ovarian cancer.”

September only marked the return of these exciting series– stay tuned on our social media and newsletter to stay up to date on all the incredible happenings at the GCI!

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