External Funding Opportunities

The Gynecologic Cancer Initiative has created a database of external funding opportunities available to researchers. Our team will continue to build and update this database for researchers conducting gynecologic cancer researchers. If you know of an external funding opportunity to add to this database, please email us at info@gynecancerinitiative.ca

Upcoming Funding

Application DeadlineGrant (w/ updated link)OrganizationAmount & Duration
OngoingNew Patient and Family Engagement GrantC+W Partners in Action
OngoingAlliance Grants Option 2NSERC
$20,000-$100,000 per year; 1-5 years
OngoingTranslational Research Partnership Program 2Cancer Research Society$750,000 per year; 3 years
TBA (LOI, Full) Impact GrantsCanadian Cancer Society
10/03/2021 (Full) - Expression of Interest not previously neededOvCAN Priority 3 competitionOvarian Cancer Canada
Varied; Total funding available is $2.2M between April 2022 and March 2024
02/28/2021 (Full) Strategic Investment FundUniversity of British Columbia
03/04/2021 (Registration); 04/01/2021 (Full) Project Grant Spring 2021CIHR
06/23/2021 (Registration)
10/02/2021 (Full Internal)
10/10/2021 (Full External)
CCS/CIHR-ICR Initiative in Primary Cancer Prevention Proof-of-ConceptCCS/CIHRUp to $200,000; 1 year
06/22/2021 (Preroposal Internal)
06/29/2021 (Preproposal External)
12/18/2021 (Full Internal)
12/20/2021 (Full External)
CIHR-Operating Grant : TRANSCAN-3 Next generation cancer immunotherapy: targeting the tumour microenvironmentCIHRUp to $150,000 per year; 3 years
06/30/2021 (Full Internal)
07/ 06/2021 10:00 am PST
07/08/2021 (Full External)
OCRP Proteogenomics Research AwardUS-DoD Ovarian Cancer Research Program F2021$800,000

Trainee Funding

Application DeadlineGrant (w/ updated link)OrganizationAmount & Duration
Accelerate ProgrameMitacs
$10,000 per every 4 months; up to 3 years
12/31/2021 (Full)
Health System Impact FellowshipCIHR