Celebrated globally, March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s equality, and lobby for accelerated gender parity. This strongly resonates with Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI) as it embodies the mission and vision for our work. Everyday, we continue to:  

  • Celebrate the achievement of our female clinicians and researchers who work tirelessly to break down societal barriers in the medical field as well as research new understanding, diagnosis, and treatments for gynecologic cancers.
  • Empower and educate women who are navigating their lives affected by gynecological cancers.
  • Decrease the disparity in funding and research of gynecologic cancers as compared to other cancer sites.

Today, join GCI in highlighting female doctors, researchers, and patient partners who play an integral role of furthering our mission to advance gynecologic cancer research to save women’s lives. They work tirelessly to advance the vision of the GCI and reduce the incidence, death and suffering from gynecologic cancers by 50% by 2034. 

Dr. Janice Kwon

Dr. Kwon is a Gynecologic Oncologist and a clinician scientist. Currently, Dr. Kwon is Associate Head of Research for the University of British Columbia (UBC) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Chair of the Gynecology Surgical Tumour at BC Cancer, among many other roles. Her research interest is in hereditary cancer syndromes and conducting cost-effectiveness analyses of testing criteria and risk-reducing interventions. 

Dr. Anna Tinker

Dr. Tinker is a Medical Oncologist at BC Cancer,Chair of the Provincial Gyne Oncology Tumour Group, and associate professor in the Department of Medicine at UBC. Her clinical expertise is in the treatment of women with gynecologic cancers. Dr. Tinker’s research interest is in clinical trial development for gynecologic cancer patients and also the co-chair of the GCI Clinical Trials Group. 

Dr. Gillian Hanley

Dr. Hanley is Assistant Professor, health services researcher and epidemiologist at UBC. Dr. Hanley’s research combines her academic training with her interest in women’s health to answer questions related to gynecologic cancer prevention and survivorship. 

Dr. Lori Brotto

Dr. Brotto is a Professor at UBC, Director of UBC Sexual Health Laboratory, and the Executive Director of Women’s Health Research Institute. She is also a registered psychologist who conducts research on women’s sexual health, mindfulness-based interventions and cancer survivorship. 

Dr. Lauren Tindale

Dr. Tindale is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow working with Dr. Talhouk on research focused on risk modelling to improve diagnostic accuracy and detection in ovarian and endometrial cancer. 

Dr. Aline Talhouk

Dr. Talhouk is an Assistant Professor at UBC and the Director of Data Science and Informatics at OVCARE (British Columbia’s Ovarian Cancer Research Group). Her research interests are in the area of predictive modelling for gynecologic cancers, ethics of data sharing and privacy, and digital health.

Dr. Gina Ogilvie

Dr. Olgilvie is a Professor at UBC and the Principal Investigator of the Global Control of HPV. Her research is focused on both the public health and clinical aspects of reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, and HPV screening and the HPV vaccine. Dr. Ogilvie’s findings have been highly influential in setting and directing health policy both in Canada and globally. 

Dr. Jessica McAlpine

Dr. McAlpine is a Gynecologic Oncologist and professor and is part of the OVCARE research team. She currently splits her time between clinical/surgical duties and translational research focused on molecular characterization of ovarian and endometrial cancer and prevention. 

Nicole Keay

Nicole Keay is a trained communications specialist who has played an integral role as a patient partner with the GCI. She is the founder and co-host of the GOSH Podcast and is an advocate for gynecologic cancer patients and patient engagement. Nicole was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent intense treatment including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy resulting in the loss of her fertility. Nicole now uses her experiences to help guide, support and be a voice for women who have been diagnosed with gynecological cancers

Help us save the lives of British Columbians by empowering them with knowledge about gynecologic cancers. Resources can be found on our website, podcast, and through BC Cancer Foundation and Canadian Cancer Society. Additionally, donations can be made to support our research initiatives through our website. Thank you to all the female leaders who continue to pave the path in gynecologic cancer research. 

“Together, we will save women’s lives.”