Bianca Hayes is a BC cyclist who rides in loving memory of her sister, Katrina, who passed away from stromal ovarian cancer on April 19, 2018. Since her sister’s passing, Bianca has been dedicated to raising money for ovarian cancer research. Combining her love for bike riding and her passion for ovarian cancer advocacy, Bianca has embarked on several incredible rides. 

This year, Bianca wanted to bring ovarian cancer to the world’s attention. She attempted to set the Guinness World Record for Women’s Fastest Trans-Canada Ride. On June 13th, 2022, Bianca set out to bike from Vancouver to Halifax in just 15 days– all while making it her goal to raise $1 million dollars for ovarian cancer research. 

Bianca logged her journey through the beautiful Canadian landscape on her social media, posting updates along the way. Riding 5,900 km from Vancouver to Halifax, Bianca rode for about twenty hours, covering 400 km a day. Despite the sweltering heat and swollen legs, Bianca continued to ride to make a difference. 

Bianca was accompanied by her wonderful team, who followed behind the cyclist in the Team Bianca RV. Team Bianca included Scott Gennings, Jason Wong, Slant Weiss, Daniel Wang, Teo Weyman, who continuously poured out much support for Bianca during her trailblazing journey. 

A Journey Cut Short 

Unfortunately, on June 26th, the 13th day of her Trans-Canada ride, Bianca was involved in a motorcycle accident a little North of Quebec City. Suffering a concussion and ankle injury, Team Bianca headed back home to Vancouver to allow Bianca to rest and recover.  

“While it’s devastating that the world record won’t be set, we’re not going to stop chasing the greater goal: to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. Bianca is resting and recovering, and we know she’ll bounce back stronger than ever.” 

Team Bianca

Upon hearing about Bianca’s accident, the ovarian cancer community has been sharing their unwavering support, admiration, and appreciation for Bianca’s unwavering determination. Researchers, clinicians, survivors, patients, and community advocates all over Canada have been expressing an incredible amount of gratitude and wishes of wellness for the cyclist.  

The Gynecologic Cancer Initiative continues to support Bianca’s inspiring resilience and commitment. As a disease that has not seen a change in survival rates in 50 years, Bianca is determined to help create a better future for women with ovarian cancer.

“Bianca’s selfless dedication to supporting research to improve the lives of those women at risk for or affected by ovarian cancer, is nothing shy of brilliant. She sets a high-water mark for altruism by attempting to ride across Canada in record time. Every researcher in our team is so proud and grateful for her efforts”. 

Dr. Gavin Stuart, GCI Strategic Lead

No accident can ever hamper Bianca’s determination to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer. Although the Trans-Canada ride has been cut short, Bianca continues to raise money for ovarian cancer research. At this time, Bianca has successfully raised over $100k dollars. You can continue to donate to Bianca’s cause here. All donations will be going to BC Cancer Foundation and Ovarian Cancer Canada.