Most Promising Gynecologic Cancer Interventions to Date

The diverse group of guest speakers shared valuable insight on the current state of the interventions, the barriers they face to implementation, and their vision or future state. 

  • Cervical Cancer Self-Collection:
    • Dr. Gina Oglivie presented “Cervix Screening in BC: From Cytology (PAP Test) to HPV Primary Screening”
    • Dr. Mary Kinloch and Dr. Jennifer Brown-Broderick presented “HPV Self-Sampling for Primary Cervical Cancer Screening in Underserved Saskatchewan People”
  • Molecular Stratification for Endometrial Cancer:
    • Dr. Jessica McAlpine and Dr. Blake Gilks presented “Endometrial Cancer: Molecular Stratification to Inform Cancer Management”
  • Identification and Stratification of Vulvar Cancer Lesions:
    • Dr. Amy Jamieson and Dr. Lien Hoang presented “Identification and Molecular Stratification of Vulvar and Pre-Cancerous Invasive Lesions to Direct Care”
  • Opportunistic Salpingectomy for Ovarian Cancer Prevention:
    • Dr. Gillian Hanley presented “Ovarian Cancer: Opportunistic Salpingectomy for Prevention”
    • Dr. Rebecca Stone presented on “The current state of Opportunistic Salpingectomy in the United States and any barriers affecting nationwide uptake” 
  • Genetic Testing for Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer:
    • Dr. Lesa Dawson presented on “Hereditary Gynecologic Cancer Genetic Testing and Cancer Prevention in BC”
    • Dr. Intan Schrader presented on “Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers: Genetic Testing to Identify At-Risk Families for Prevention and Treatment”
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