The last episode of Season 2 of our Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub (GOSH) Podcast is out! This season we produced 15 podcast episodes focusing on featuring gynecologic cancer patients, survivors, advocates, researchers, and clinicians.  

The mission of the GOSH Podcast is to create an open space for real and evidence-based discussions on gynecologic cancers. We share meaningful research, patient and survivorship experiences, and advocacy in the field of gynecologic cancers.  

Some of the key highlights from Season 2 include: 

  • Stigma, inclusion, and the need for more advocacy surrounding gynecological cancer 
  • Living life after cancer including fertility challenges some gynecologic cancer survivors experience
  • The latest research in gynecological cancer prevention and early diagnostics including opportunistic salpingectomy
  • The mental health aspect of the gynecologic cancer journey and the strategies patients can use
  • Our first podcast episode recorded entirely in another language

We would like to thank our guests, listeners, and collaborators for being a part of GOSH podcast this Season!  

Stay tuned for Season 3 GOSH podcast that will launch in September 2022! 

In the meantime, you can find links to all the episodes of Season 2 GOSH podcast sessions below: 

Dr. Gavin Stuart

Episode 1: Catching Up with the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative

Jessica Sutherland

Episode 2: Let’s Actually Talk About Sex, Pain, & Endometriosis

Dr. Mary Bryson

Episode 3: Gender Diversity in Gynecologic Cancer

Nicole Keay, Nancy Cleveland, and Debra Walker

Episode 4: Press Play on Patient Perspectives (Bonus Episode)

Tracy Weiss

Episode 5: From Patient to Advocate

Tracy Weiss

Episode 6: Sharing Your Truth

Rose Lee

Episode 7: A Chinese Perspective – Hereditary Cancers, Genetic Testing and Language Accessibility (一個華人對癌症遺傳基因檢測的體驗)

Dr. Lesa Dawson

Episode 8: A New Gynecologic Cancer Survivorship Clinic in BC

Dr. Gillian Hanley

Episode 9: Opportunistic Salpingectomy as a Method of Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Marion Lahey

Episode 10: Self-Love During Cancer

 Dr. Marion Saville

Episode 11: Equitable Access to Cervical Cancer Testing

Sue Collins

Episode 12: Conquering Cancer Through Film

Kirsty Browne

Episode 13: Taking the Steps Towards Cervical Cancer Elimination

 Shiraz Italia

Episode 14: Knowledge is Power

Jessica Dietcher

Episode 15: Mindfulness toolbox during cancer and survivorship journeys